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We’ve done business with various high profile partners, including Goodr, Headsweats, Hershey’s, Innovative Express Care, Inside Tracker, Kellogg’s, Lifeway, Michelob Ultra, Nestle, Orange Theory Fitness, OS1st, Rebbl, Swell, Synchroknit Powered by Wigwam, Top Golf, Ultima Replenisher, and Vital Proteins among others.

Our Mission

We connect high-end brands with high-profile properties, projects, serving sport and entertainment, along with clients in industries ranging from technology to apparel. We currently reside in New England, but we virtually commute across the US every single day.

We create memorable experiences; onsite (when we can of course), online, mobile. We specialize in brand partnerships and sponsorship activation incorporating the latest social and digital media tools to engage brands with audiences, both live and online.

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About Rabrev Melissa Cooney, Founder

Our Story

RABREV was founded by Melissa Cooney. For many years she sold marketing and sponsorship campaigns in Boston with the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics by combining radio, digital and experiential assets. After running a few marathons (12!! with a 2:52 PR!) and competing in an Ironman, she knew she found her passion.

She and her husband moved to Chicago and she became a running and triathlon coach, personal trainer, and spin instructor, but was still missing the broader combination of it all. That is when she found the 3rd largest running organization inthe country and created her “dream job”.

But Melissa’s dream involved not just her job, but her family. Her and her husband relocated to New England to be closer to home, and that is where she used her wide network of contacts to create the next version of her dream, RABREV, focusing on connecting amazing brands with compelling events and races.

Over the past few years, we have amassed a great team and partners who work with us on our innovative platform for our clients. We also have a vast network of high-profile brand contacts, as well as strategic alliances with creative, digital and ad agencies.

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Events Partners We Love

We have worked with numerous events including:

Batman Race Series, Boutique Fitness Solutions, Boston Social Fitness, Cast Management, Esplanade, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Norcal Ultras, Out of the Darkness Walk, Rhode Races, Southland Events, Sport Techie, Wonder Woman Race Series, Zooma, and Generic Events.

We Are Experts at B2B Marketing Too:

In addition to organizing events and sponsorships, Rabrev offers a suite of digital strategy, marketing, and development services to support our event promotions.

People are no doubt searching for your events or brands in Google, finding out about these brands or events on their favorite social media platforms, and interacting with your website and other media properties along journey.

It’s here that our digital media support team helps optimize our event promotions, making sure your content is delivered in the best possible way so there are no obstacles keeping potential customers from learning more about and signing up with you!

  • Is your brand or event easily found at the top of Google Search?
  • Are you web pages optimized for mobile browsing?
  • Is it easy for a visitor to access information and sign-up for events or communications?
  • Are you utilizing Email Automation and Re-targeting to capture lost sales?
  • Do you understand analytics reports and how these can lead to better “customer journeys”?

All of these and more are questions that our team will introduce when learning more about your brand and event promotions, and we offer customized solutions to help turn traffic into dollars.

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